Stockroom Party, 28 March 2012

On a late summer evening, as fine as anyone could wish for, the Foundation hosted a party for the many friends, colleagues and supporters of John Truscott. Not only was it an occasion to acknowledge John’s extraordinary talent through his many projects but also to share in the work and plans of the Foundation that was established in his name.

The stockroom of The Australian Galleries was transformed with flowers, tapestries, fine food and wine, all happy partners with the collection of art works usually housed within the space. And in a nod to John’s superior knowledge of such things, each guest was given a white scarf as party wear, giving everyone the chance to prove his theory (or not) that it imbues the face with a youthful glow. It was in this spirit that the John Truscott Design Foundation articulated its achievements and its future projects and in particular the development of the Design Circle as the next generation of designers to interpret and expand John’s legacy.

John Truscott influenced many people in his complete dedication to design excellence particularly in Melbourne, the city he so loved. His designs for the new Arts Centre included a plan that its walls would feature Australian art. In this he found dynamic support from Anne and Tam Purves, founders of the Australian Galleries. Their son and director, Stuart Purves, accepted a citation in acknowledgment of this significant relationship and the work of the Galleries since 1956.

The Foundation thanks Stuart and its many friends for their generosity in creating the very best atmosphere to honour John Truscott and to perpetuate his memory.



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