A place in the city


The ‘Place in the City Awards’ recognise excellence in design across a broad canvas of visual influence, involvement and enjoyment for the benefit of city residents, commuters, visitors and the wider community.

Importantly, there is no singular prescription for an award selection other than the evidence of a positive impact on the liveability of the city. Size, location, form and any prior recognition have no bearing on the award. This is illustrated by the diversity in concept and scale of the recipients.

City Square Christmas Tree

The Mother’s Art Productions and City of Melbourne City Square Christmas Tree was one of a number of projects that has contributed to Christmas celebrations in Melbourne.

Festival Laneway Vignettes

Small programs were undertaken by the Melbourne Festival in a number of city laneways. The Festival Laneway Vignettes offered exciting and challenging activities, well received by the local community.

Collins Street Super Stop

Tarra Tram’s first of Melbourne’s ‘super stops’ offering greater accessibility and integrating a number of additional features for commuters.

Flower Stall in Swanston Street

In Swanston Street adjacent to the Town Hall, the Flower Stall is a constant delight with its vibrancy, charm and diversity.

Art Play

A former railway signal box, the Art Play building on the banks of the Yarra was bought into being by the City of Melbourne, the Myer Foundation and others. Art Play provides a fee-for-service opportunity for young people to engage in creativity within the arts.

Myer Christmas Windows

The Myer Emporium and Myer Melbourne have, for a number of decades, provided fascinating visual and exciting performance factors in the Myer windows in the lead up to Christmas.

Rob Adams

Rob Adams, Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne, is a recognised leader of the revitalisation of the Melbourne’s city centre and surrounds, helping to create a vibrant city streetscape with innovative design features.

Victorian Horse Carriages Association

The horse carriages that ply the Melbourne’s city centre provide a marvelous diversity of understanding, fun, amusement and photographic opportunity.