John Truscott Design Foundation

A visit to the Truscott Lounge

The Sunday Age, 19 October 2013 Anthony Dennis, National Travel Editor ‘…One of the highlights is a visit to the borderline kitsch Truscott Lounge, decked out in an arresting high camp, green and gold colour scheme. Truscott, one of Melbourne’s favourite sons, was recruited to soften Ground’s brutalist concrete interior. The winner of two Oscars […]


Swanston Street Proposal

The Swanston Street proposal was produced by the Truscott Design Circle with the intention of helping people ‘make sense’ of inner-city Melbourne. A trip along Swanston Street is like taking a quick tour of the city. The project sought to: assist people in navigating Swanston Street; invite people to experience Melbourne’s diversity; entice people to […]


Party at the Australian Galleries

On a late summer evening, as fine as anyone could wish for, the Foundation hosted a party for the many friends, colleagues and supporters of John Truscott.